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My Salvador Dali inspired fashion piece

Updated: Feb 3

I'm am so excited to have been part of the Dali Alive fashion-inspired fashion show! I wanted to share what my inspiration is behind my piece.

What a journey it has been designing this piece! From what my original idea was to what it is turning out to be is so different! For me, creativity moves through me and isn't a solid idea. It changes like the ripples in a river, with light reflecting differently at every single angle and in every changing minute.

Dali's artwork is full of symbolism, from dreams, his imagination, and his waking life. My piece is focused on the dream element. And from there, I went directly to scripture with a focus on Daniel interpreting the dreams of Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon. I also focused on the symbols that I often see in my own dreams, water, and ladders.

For my materials, I wanted to tie my piece in with that of dreams. And since we just made pillowcase outfits at Fashion Camp, it seemed obvious to make the main portion of my design out of a pillowcase! And also, because it is the pillowcase where I lay my head down to sleep and dream. I've also used our old flowy canopy in my design, splattered with colors representing dreams, the brightness, the darkness, and the blotchiness of my dream life.

With my 9-year old self as my design companion, my piece is colorful and playful with childlike wonder.

When I was a child, my Momma sang my lullabies. In fact, she was always singing to me! Years later, I wrote my own little lullaby and wanted to share it with you! This song is called Bien Dormir! Hopefully it will put you to sleep and into a land of dreams!

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