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One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE things to do is make people custom designed bags! I LOVE having them over to my studio so they can dig through fabrics, buttons, threads, zippers, and all things that bring a handbag to life. I love sitting with them learning about their lives while I sew away designing them a bag. 

For the holidays, I'm offering Custom Designed B.Shigley gift certificates! Whether here in state and we can meet person to person in my She Shed OR if we do the custom bag over the phone and email, I want to design your loves a bag that will bring smiles for miles! 

Custom handbags start at $65.00 but depending on fabrics used, size, and complexity, the price may go up. All of that will be discussed before the design of the bag. This gift certificate will be customized for the one that you love and mailed / emailed / or given to you to put under the stocking!


To purchase your custom designed handbag, click here! 

With my She Shed all done and all the space to create, I set up my permanent design studio! I just ordered my labels and am slowly collecting fabric (along with some beautiful fabric of my Mommas!).

For those that don't know this, I started my handbag business at the age of 23 in 1999. The internet was not what it is now. There was no Google, no Etsy.. I taught myself how to build a website, uploaded my html files to the internet and voila!

5 months later, my handbags were selling internationally in Paris, London, San Franciso, New York City, and of course here in Denver.

The internet was so new that the bags were taking off like crazy on AOL's search engine. In fact, if you typed in "handbag" my bags were #3 in the search engine!

I had to teach myself very quickly how to run a business, how to keep up with demand, how to keep the boutiques stocked full, how to hire, how to fire... so much!

I am a self taught handbag designer. I can't follow a pattern and I can't even fold it back up. My brain works through just doing it!

My handbag business led me to adventures in LA, San Fran and even Paris!

To make a long story short, I wanted to take everything that I learned and use those lessons to help other designers start their businesses. In 2004, Fashion Denver was born!

What an adventure it has been and I am so grateful to get back on the sewing machine! Thank you Andrea for inviting me to be part of this event and believing in me! Thank you to EVERYBODY that has been part of this journey!!! I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

OH! BTW! I found some pages of my VERY VERY old website! Check it out 🤪


A few samples of some bags I've made: 

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