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Every event needs a person to be the glue that can bring and hold the energy together, keeping the crowd entertained and engaged and keep enough space to  allow for the audience  to connect with other attendees.

Brandi has emceed fashion shows, fund raisers, auctions, small events and large corporate events in the Philippines, Denver, Los Angeles, Paris, San Francisco and San Diego. Her flexible schedule allows her to travel worldwide.


"Brandi was not only a dynamic emcee with a great sense of humor, but she is also incredibly authentic. She made us laugh and feel both comfortable and excited for the event. Guests talked about her for days after!"

- Meaghan Carabello, Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce

"Brandi not only brings her love of people to the stage but manages descriptive intros with ease and flow, white keeping the audience engaged. If you want personality, professionalism, and a one-of-a-kind spirit, Brandi is the emcee you want for your event!"

- Salwa Owens, designer and producer of Fierce in the City

"On October 23rd we were pleased to have Brandi Shigley lead our 8th annual Lion’s Gala, by way of her gifted Emcee abilities. Brandi strikes an artful balance of Joy, life giving energy and moving the event along. Our attendance was down by 30%, and despite the decreased number in the room it didn’t feel empty and in fact the energy was still palpable, this was largely due Brandi’s ability to engage the audience, draw people into the story of the night and keep people laughing.  


I would highly recommend any organization in need of an Emcee for their event, to move Brandi high up on the list of consideration. She truly does a great job."

- Zak Ferry, Executive Director at The Lion Project 

"In 2021, we knew we needed to add in something special to our long-running event as people were cautiously stepping back into in-person events; we also knew we needed someone that could meet the branding we've cultivated for our gala at the Four Seasons. Brandi brought joy, energy and her beautiful personal story into the room and not only delighted our guests but made an incredible impact in the evening. I am so grateful for her work that evening and all that she does to bring style, excitement and expertise to her events and community! "

- Dannielle Stewart, Communications Manager, Producer at The Lion Project


Brandi Shigley graduated in 1999 from Metropolitan State University with a Bachelors in Speech Communication with an emphasis in organizational communication and communication theory. As an adopted Filipina, entrepreneur, and dreamer / doer, Shigley wants to continue to spread that motivation to bring passion into all that you do.



  • TEDx Talk: Do What You Love

  • Turning your passion into a business

  • Adoption and creating your own roots

  • Finding your passion

  • Tapping into your Zone of Genius

  • PechaKucha: Do What You Love. Love What You Do


Panel discussions and community and business forums can either engage people or bore people. The communication can get stagnant and people can lose interest.


Brandi has over 15 years of experience in moderating and facilitating panel discussions and forums in the fashion industry, creative industry and business community.

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