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What a gift to be able to share life, thoughts, stories, and experiences.

The following are interviews and podcasts dating back to  2009. 

Brandi Shigley: Fortune Favors the Brave April 2022

I'm honored to have been selected to be a speaker at Creative Mornings, the world’s largest face-to-face creative community. Each month a different chapter selects a global theme for the Creative Mornings community and my month was KISMET. What a fun topic to speak about! 


Where we can give one person that little glimmer of hope that could completely change the whole direction of their life?

ON THE WORLD WIDE THEME OF KISMET: When the stars align and good fortune visits, it must be kismet. An unexpected windfall, a chance encounter with another that blossoms, a doorway opening to impossible dreams. Kismet is a little pocket of time just for you. We marvel at the sheer, unlikely wonder of these moments. Our Istanbul chapter chose this month’s exploration of Kismet, Selin Çınar illustrated the theme, and Mailchimp is our Global presenting partner.


The Interesting Lives of Normal People September 2021

If you’ve ever seen a music video from the band OK Go, that’s basically what it’s like hanging out with Brandi Shigley. Over there is the flamethrower, in this corner is a family of ferrets dressed in matching outfits, in walks a mailman with a green mohawk who is also her tattoo artist, and here you are sitting on a giant hand-shaped chair that smells of funnel cake.  The whole thing is L-I-F-E, turned up to 11. 

When you listen to Brandi’s story, you’ll understand; she eeks her way through college but becomes the hottest purse-maker circa Y2K (literally #3 on AOL), such that she has her bags showcased in Paris. Then, she becomes the de facto Fashion Queen of Denver by uniting, inspiring, and coaching dozens of CO-based fashionistas to take the plunge and “do what they love and love what they do” by becoming fashion entrepreneurs themselves. And then, she gave all these newly minted fashion entrepreneurs their first big breaks by selling their wares at her store (which she wrapped up like a burrito for customers).

But her life also smacks of realness and…even normalcy. She grapples with understanding how being an adopted orphan continues to shape her; she remembers her now-passed mother through videos of her on Facebook; she experiences the questions of God’s character.

Enjoy Brandi and the authentic, whole-hearted joy she brings to every moment of life–and this episode.

The Danny & Brandi Show 2019

The Danny is Brandi show is a combination of podcasts, music, and fun all rolled into one channel. This podcast was made in 2019 with a year full of episodes! It was such a blast making this with Danny. Watch all podcasts here! 

Magic Carpet Life: Life for the Fun of It
October 24, 2018

Oct 24, 2018 • Brandi Shigley walked through my front door in a designer leather jacket and Denver Avalanche t-shirt from 1996. Her whoosh was immediate—a mixture of truth, grit and mischief—the kind of vibe that makes you want to dance like your life depends on it and give yourself completely to a higher, happier force. When we started recording on the big blue couch, that force poured through with so much fun and ease. I learned how her iconic purse designs made their way from a Trapper Keeper in the 3rd grade to Paris Boutiques and Lucky Magazine, how she created her first website from a Word document (this is before google, people) and how to strum a ukulele to a NKOTB ballad. Tune in and join us in our delightful discovery on the magic carpet and be sure to SUBSCRIBE for more high-vibe interviews and life-brightening inspo! To learn more about Brandi's work with in the world, visit or, if muscles and style are your thing, check out Denver-based

-Tiffany Joseph // Creator of Magic Carpet Life

Jon of All Trades
2014 /2015

"Brandi Shigley could very well be called “Brandi of All Trades” and I would gladly abdicate the title to her. She is the founder of Fashion Denver, creator of, and owner of her own consulting firm B.23 Productions. Brandi shares the story of her adoption from The Philippines by American parents and how that’s informed all that she is. She also plays a song live during the recording in a Jon of All Trades Podcast first. Brandi turns dreamers into doers, and you’ll be inspired after hearing this episode, too!"

- Jon Ekstrom / Founder of Jon of All Trades


Juicy Geniuses Interview
March 14, 2012

Juicy Geniuses founder, Alexandra Cattoni, interviews Denver fashion designer, Brandi Shigley on the Juicy topic of female entrepreneurship. Tune in for this passion-filled interview where Brandi highlights the importance of finding your purpose in life and following your passion. Brandi is one of the trail-blazing women business owners in Denver. She's the founder of Fashion Denver, a fashion boutique supporting local designers, and the driving force behind the "" movement!

Purse Strings 2009

Internationally recognized handbag designer Brandi Shigley of Fashion Denver discusses how her designs really took off over word of mouth. Now she helps emerging designers connect with their community to inspire success.

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